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(September 23, 2014 - Montréal, Québec) Xavier Dolan's new film, Mommy, delivered what can only be called spectacular box office figures for its opening weekend in Quebec. Perhaps it was helped by the announcement that the film is Canada's official entry for a Best Foreign Language Oscar® as announced by Telefilm Canada. Perhaps it was boosted by great word of mouth following a preview screening which ended with a standing ovation for the film at this city's Place des arts. No matter the driving force, the film on its own is clearly a hit.Arrow

<Toronto Theatres and The Golden Age of the Silver Screen> (September 22, 2014 - Toronto, Ontario) The trouble with being fascinated about any subject is the amount of detail involved in anything of real interest. Take Canadian movies, for example. Among the items in our ever-growing Northernstars Collection is an incomplete set of yearbooks compiled from information in the publication Film Weekly. In the 1952-53 edition, for example, contents range from a multi-page article about the Ouimet theatres in Québec, to full-page ads for Famous Players. In the 1952-53 edition, there were 126 theatres in Toronto, Ontario. Which brings us to Doug Taylor's marvelous new book, Toronto Theatres and The Golden Age of the Silver Screen.Arrow
<Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines> (September 18, 2014 - Toronto, Ontario) While the film festival season rages on, the calendar for the entire film industry seems to pick up at this time of year. Within a few weeks we'll morph from festivals to award shows and so the calls for entries have begun. Producers, production companies, indies and distributors are all busy figuring out their submission budgets and timetables and one small delay can mean nothing but disappointment.Arrow
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Dr. Cabbie opens today. The doctor in question is one Dr. Deepak Veer Chopra shares a name and Indian medical degree in common with his famous North American counterpart, but their lives could not be more different. Soon after he graduates from medical school in New Delhi, India, Deepak’s uncle Vijay sponsors him and his mother Neelambari to settle in Toronto. Upon landing, Deepak gets more than just a culture shock. For one, his Indian medical degree isn’t recognized in Canada!. Watch the trailer for Dr. Cabbie on Northernstars.ca.Arrow
<Anne Wheeler © 2014 R.A.Lucas> Today's Birthdays
Northernstars Walter Pidgeon and Anne Wheeler were born on September 23. Anne Wheeler graduated in Mathematics from the University of Alberta and began her working life as a computer programmer. While traveling, she was inspired to become a storyteller and when she returned to Canada she joined a group of old friends to form a film collective. From 1975 to 1985 she worked for the NFB where she made her first feature film, A War Story, which was about her father, Ben Wheeler and his time as a doctor in a P.O.W. camp during WWII.Arrow

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