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<NFB CFC Launch Creative Doc Lab>

(May 22, 2015 - Toronto, ON) Filmmakers all over the world are pushing the boundaries of documentary filmmaking, creating new and exciting ways to engage with expanding audiences. On the heels of this new wave of feature documentary filmmaking, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) have joined forces to present an innovative high-level creative and marketplace catalyst, the NFB/CFC Creative Doc Lab, which will focus on cultivating creative risk-taking and helping to further establish Canadians as world-class documentary storytellers.Arrow

<Léa Pool Honoured by Female Eye Film Festival> (May 19, 2015 - Toronto, ON) The 13th annual Female Eye Film Festival gets underway June 16th and organizers have named writer-director Léa Pool as their Honourary Director. Pool, who is a recipient of the Order of Canada, has won numerous awards for her work in narrative and non-narrative film and television. "I have always tried to tell stories as authentically as possible, from the personal emotional point of view of the characters," said Pool. "I’m grateful for being given the opportunities to make the kinds of films that I have. Recognition and being the recipient of the Honourary Director Award from the Female Eye Film Festival is a great honour and privilege."Arrow
<Danishka Esterhazy to shoot The Singing Bones> (May 19, 2015 - Winnipeg, MA) Celebrated author Francesca Lia Block has teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Danishka Esterhazy. Together, they are adapting Block’s short story Bones from her L.A. Times bestseller The Rose and the Beast. Inspired by the fable of Bluebeard, the short film will be called The Singing Bones and tells the story of a young woman who attends the party of a famous rock producer named Derrick Blue. Over the course of one evening, through seduction, confession and battle, both their worlds are changed forever. The Singing Bones is a modern fairy tale carefully revised to empower and give its young female protagonist a voice.Arrow
<Ben's at Home> Still Playing:

Ben's at Home continues in Toronto at the Carlton Cinemas. It's a comedy about all the stuff we all go through at one point in our lives. Falling in love, sex, breaking up and sometimes... withdrawing from life. The titular Ben (played by Dan Abramovici), makes the decision to stay housebound basically because he’s happy with his personal space. This change into becoming a reclusive doesn’t sit well with his friends, including characters played by Jim Annan, Rob Baker, and Craig Brown. But ultimately Ben happily slips into the new lifestyle. Click here for more movies Now Playing.Arrow

<Jennifer Connelly as Nana. Photo by Jose Haro, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.> Coming Soon:
Aloft is a is a Spain, Canada, France coproduction that was shot in Manitoba. Costarring Jennifer Connelly and Cillian Murphy, Canadian actors include Ian Tracey, Mike Bell and Sarah Constible. The story is about a mother (Jennifer Connelly) and her son (Cillian Murphy), and a past marred by an accident that tears them apart. She will become a renowned artist and healer. Her son also becomes a falconer. Meanwhile a journalist (Mélanie Laurent) sets up an encounter for the two of them not knowing the possible consequences. Aloft opens June 5th.Arrow

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