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<Berkshire County, 2015 movie poster>   <Aloft, 2015 movie poster>   <Being Canadian, 2015 movie poster>  

Updated May 22, 2015
Canadian moviesmaple leaf and Canadians in movies coming soon are listed by opening date. Click on the posters to see QuickTime Movie Trailers for most of these movies.

<Berkshire County, 2015 movie poster>

<Red Maple Leaf> Berkshire County
screens at 18 Landmark Theatres on
June 3rd as part of their Canadian
Indie Series. It then opens theatrically
on June 5th.

(June 5,Toronto, Ottawa, Whitby)

<Aloft, 2015 movie poster>

<Red Maple Leaf> Aloft
is a Spain, Canada, France
coproduction that was shot in
Manitoba. Costarring Jennifer Connelly,
Zen McGrath and Cillian Murphy,
Canadian actors include
Ian Tracey, Mike Bell,
and Sarah Constible

(June 5: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal)

<Being Canadian, 2015 movie poster>

<Red Maple Leaf>
Being Canadian

screening at Hot Docs in Toronto
is a documentary with
apearances by Mike Myers,
Seth Rogen, William Shatner,
Jason Priestley, Ben Stiller,
Michael J. Fox, Alan Thicke,
Rick Mercer, Catherine O'Hara,
Cobie Smulders, Eugene Levy,
Dan Aykroyd and others.

(June 12, Regina
June 26, Ottawa)


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