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The Sound of Music
By Staff

<Hot Docs>
Photo © Derek

(February 15, 2012 - Toronto, Ontario) It's not every day that a composer gets to hear a score they've written being played by a live orchestra. What with competing schedules, workloads, studio space and the limitation of production budgets, sometimes the first time a film composer hears their work is when the film is finished and it gets a special screening. It was therefore a special treat when Ontario-born composer Vikas Kohli sat down to hear 28 classically trained musicians in CBC's Glenn Gould Studio record a score that Kohli had written.

"It's mighty cool to hear an orchestra record something I've written. Thanks to the Screen Composers Guild of Canada for making this happen with the Canadian Film Centre and the Glenn Gould School," said Vikas Kohli; adding "The director (Samuel Kiehoon Lee) had a clear vision of what we needed to do to support the film and it was great<Hot Docs> to draw upon fellow composers Christian Floisand, Tristan Capacchione, and Darren Fung to get the end result as well as have Josh Tidsbury doing the beautiful surround mix."

Kohli scored the music to the film called Wild Goose Daddy, directed by filmmaker Samuel Kiehoon Lee (on the left), who is based in Seoul and Toronto and who flew in from Korea just ahead of the recording session. "All of our meetings before the actual recording were over Skype since Sam was in Korea while I was here in Canada. Fortunately, I'm used to working with people halfway across the world, so it was all really fun," noted Kohli, who has produced music for Bollywood films as well as documentaries and art films all shot in India.

Wild Goose Daddy is an action buddy-comedy romp about a middle-aged Korean mobster who has to team up with a young drag queen in order to find his missing daughter in Toronto. The film had a special screening on February 8th at the Royal Theatre in Toronto along with four other films also scored by members of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada.

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