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Alberta Boosts Multi-Media Support
By Staff

<Don Haig>

(December 21, 2011 - Toronto, Ontario) The Alberta Multi-Media Development Fund (AMDF) recently announced a boost for the province's multi-media production industries. Minister of Culture and Community Services, Heather Klimchuk (pictured below), said changes to the fund will support thousands of Albertans by creating more employment and will reinvigorate the production community across the province.

The aim of the revamped fund is to ensure the province can play a role in an increasingly competitive market. The retooled fund was welcomed by the Alberta Association of Motion Picture and Television Unions (AAMPTU).

The province simplified the guidelines from three to two funding streams and increased the percentages available to production companies from the Alberta Multimedia Development Fund helping to ensure Alberta’s production incentives remain competitive with other jurisdictions throughout North America.

ACTRA Alberta Branch Representative and AAMPTU Chairperson, Tina Alford said the announcementy has... "given our industry a long awaited gift this holiday season. Changes to the AMDF guidelines will revitalize our industry and get our cultural workers back to work, in front of and behind the camera”.

Meanwhile, I.A.T.S.E 212 President Damian Pettiin said he was... "pleased to see the new funding guidelines come into effect. The new guidelines represent a significant move towards stabilizing Alberta's screen-based industries. Changes to the guidelines come as a result of an extensive province-wide consultative process that engaged hundreds of stakeholders. I look forward to the positive affect these changes will have on our production community."

The Alberta Association of Motion Picture and Television Unions, (AAMPTU) represents over 2,400 entertainment industry professionals and 500 individual companies. AAMPTU is the largest stakeholder whose collective membership is dependent on the continued success of Alberta’s motion picture and television industry.

There is more information on the changes to the fund online.

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