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<Toronto Film Critics Announce 2014 Awards>

(December 16, 2014 - Toronto, ON) The Toronto Film Critics Association (TFCA) has announced its picks for the 2014 film year and Richard Linklater's Boyhood has come out on top. The film, which he wrote and directed and began shooting in 2002, tracks the life of a little boy from age 6 to 18. Already the recipient of awards and accolades, the TFCA also recognized the work of Linklater with its directing prize and costar Patricia Arquette was named best supporting actress. Boyhood has won awards from the New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. It also picked up five nominations for the Golden Globes and is likely to be a serious Oscar® contender for best picture.Arrow

<Colm Feore as King Lear at Stratford Festival> (December 10, 2014 - Toronto, ON) Yes that's Colm Feore, in costume as King Lear in a photo from the Stratford Festival production, which was one of the hottest tickets in the festival's calendar last year. If you missed it on stage, you'll be able to see it on the big screen this coming February when the play, the first of three festival productions, will screen in new HD productions across Canada and the United States. Tickets for King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra, and King John are now on sale. These three productions kick off a massive initiative by the Stratford Festival to capture all of Shakespeare’s plays over the next 10 years, beginning with the production of King Lear.Arrow
<Andrea Martin to host 2015 Canadian Screen Awards> (December 9, 2014 - Toronto, ON) Helga Stephenson, CEO, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television has announced that Andrea Martin will host the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards, which will be broadcast live on CBC on Sunday March 1, 2015. "Andrea Martin is the perfect host as we move into the gorgeous Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts," said Stephenson. Stage and screen star Andrea Martin (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) previously hosted the Academy’s former Gemini Awards on CBC in 1986 and 1987 to rave reviews.Arrow
<Fall, 2014 movie still © Mongrel Media> Now Playing:
Father Sam Ryan, (American actor Michael Murphy), an aging Roman Catholic Priest living contentedly at a Niagara Falls parish, receives a letter that precipitates a downward spiral from what had been a quiet, complacent life. The letter, from a "Christopher," forces him to confront an incident that happened 40 years ago when he was a young, charismatic priest, serving a remote, Northern Ontario parish. Click here to watch a trailer for Fall, which opens today. Click here for more movies Now Playing.Arrow
<Corner Gas, 2014 movie still> Now Playing:
The gang from Corner Gas abandoned the small screen long ago and return for what is, essentially, an extended episode set in their beloved Dog River, where nothing ever seems to happen, except during this movie version. The pacing of Corner Gas: The Movie, which is now playing, is slow and many of the funniest moments show up in the closing credits out-takes sequence. Fans will love it. See it on the big screen ASAP because the 90-minute feature will make its TV debut later in December. Click here for more movies Now Playing.Arrow.

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